ebook Stone Island by John A Lynn

Stone Island – an exciting children’s fantasy novel.

In the year 1865 a strange event took place on the small Island of ‘Stone’ just off the West Coast of Ireland. None of the few hardy people who lived there had experienced anything like it and windows were shuttered and doors bolted as fear gripped the land. Violent blue and red lightning had crackled over the five peaks of the ‘Devil’s Saw’ and an eerie pink glow swirled around the hilltops, lighting the sky like a false dawn.

Then in the weeks that followed came muttered rumours of a tall robed figure occasionally glimpsed in misty shadows, and fishermen reported seeing and hearing unnatural things…

But the strangest thing of all was what happened to the Callan family. One stormy night, this nasty group of thieving villains and a robber friend of theirs vanished without a trace from their old stone cottage. They were never seen or heard of again.

A hundred years later, in the Easter of 1965, a group of four children come to stay in a house which is built upon the site where the Callans disappeared….

What lies under the ‘Devil’s Saw’? Who, or what is the Guardian?

This is an enthralling and fascinating read, aimed at the younger reader, from a talented author.

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