paranoid schizophrenia - Something's Wrong


paranoid schizophrenia

The tale entire presents itself as the transcript of 18 double-sided tapes, all of which have been recorded by a 50+ suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. The making of these tapes began as his attempt — an aide memoir and thus a means of bringing some order to his fragmented thoughts — to discover the ‘something wrong’ that he feels is hiding away somewhere within his mind.

That ‘something wrong’ seems to cast a dark shadow over everything in his life, but finding its source and throwing light onto the cause of it proves increasingly difficult. The questions clamour for attention: the answers are always slipping away out of reach.

Cataloguing all that he feels might be important he describes his day-to-day life in a residential home in a seedy seaside town. He reports too on the puzzling behaviour of the town’s inhabitants, along with that of the staff and the other residents of the home.

While he tries to work out what it is that is wrong there is a robbery, arson, and a local girl is murdered. All of which he initially suspects himself being responsible for…

This brilliantly innovative book is a ‘must read!’


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