NewComputingebook New Computing World and other short stories

Two great short stories from Ernest Bywater!

New Computing WorldIf you love computers you will love this ebook.

If you hate computers you will love this ebook. If you have mixed feelings about the Microsoft monopoly of the computer world, you will absolutely love this ebook. This is the bitterly satirical tale of the humiliation of LET (Little Electronic Technologies) and the destruction of their software monopoly of the computer world.

Told from a future viewpoint, and written in the form of a college assignment, the story follows a determined group of computer geeks who take on the global might of LET and, against all the odds, win! And they win by defeating LET where they least expect it….by getting deep inside their own software!

Sharp, insightful, clever….you just have to read this!

The CIA Exposed – The TARP Cover-up

What happens when a group of techno nerds develop new technology and refuse to share it with the CIA? 

A disaster and a cover up is what happens.

An out of work consultant is contacted by an old school friend, who leaves him a collection of email messages, phone tapes and diary entries for safe keeping. After years of secrecy, his friend wants to  bring things out into the open; he wants him to piece together the messages and emails, and write this most amazing story.

This is that story.

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