Elizabethan England

Queen Elizabeth 1 - Elizabethan England

The Elizabethan period has always fascinated me – Queen Elizabeth herself, stronger in so many ways than the men who dominated her court; Protestant England locked in a state of war against Catholic Spain; an England divided on religious grounds; and England that was a brutal “police state”, with spies informing on everyone and all written word heavily censored; a time when the poor were starving and the elite enjoyed incredible wealth; a time of disease, plague, ignorance and enlightenment…and a period of incredible literature and cultural advance.

Above all, it seems to me, this was the period when the foundations of the modern world were put in place.

I have written two books set in those times – one, a tale of the emergence of Shakespeare, the other a dark Gothic tale of the Palladium.

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Shakespeare Schemes - Elizabethan England and the emergence of Shakespeare   Palladium Secret - Shakespeare Schemes - a tale of Elizabethan England and Gothic intrigue