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Get published with dpdotcom – a small, independent digital publishing business based in the United Kingdom. We have had a strong online presence for over 10 years, offering authors an alternative to the traditional publishing route, which can so often lead to rejection and frustration.

dpdotcom uses the wealth of experience and the expertise we have gained over the last decade to offer a full range of publishing services to help authors get published.

If you are a writer, you can submit your manuscript for free. Simply follow our submissions guidelines and let dpdotcom consider your work for publication. If we like your work, dpdotcom will prepare your manuscript as an ebook in pdf, kindle and ePub formats, and as a print-on-demand paperback. We use or Amazon’s Createspace services because they produce high quality books.

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dpdotcom also offer readers a dedicated book store from where you can buy great books in ebook or paperback formats. We work with talented writers and our store features books from new and established authors, so if you are looking for a good read, please browse our selection.

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Submitting your manuscript is free. However, if you wish, dpdotcom will edit your manuscript to prepare it for publication. There is a small fee for this service.

Also for a small fee, we can design a stunning cover to give your book that ‘eye-catching’ something extra. Please check out some dpdotcom designs here.

Once published, dpdotcom will feature your book on its own sales page in the dpdotcom book store. It will also be featured on our ebook store. And your work will also be featured on some of the largest online outlets like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the iBook store etc. In that way, customers will have every chance of finding your book.

And as a published author, you will earn royalties on all ebooks and paperbacks you sell through dpdotcom and other outlets. Check our royalties page for details.

However, dpdotcom digital publishing cannot devote its limited resources to actively marketing your book – that is something you will need to do.  See our marketing page for some marketing ideas and sound advice.


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get published with dpdotcom - have your work published as ebooks and paperbacks
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